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Trained on 1M+ data points that are directly related to water damage restoration, ChatGPP provides accurate answers instnatly to technicians in the field.

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ChatGPP Has Become Restorations Fastest Growing Tool.



Responses provided to Restorers to their most difficult questions

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Restoration industry-specific data points trained on



Precision rate for answers provided

What people are saying

Guided us to the right design strategy, and the right workflows. Every new customer that comes in now has first heard of us through our website.
Rebecca Smith - CEO, Consonants
Will gave our website and brand whole new life while staying true to who we are. We would never have thought of going in the direction he pitched but we couldn't be happier.
Robert Mayar  -  Founder of Airbnb
“I have had a ton of value in terms of getting answers quickly while on jobs. This is a great resource for someone who is unsure about IICRC rules and regulations.”
rFrank Bakovich - Best Option Restoration
C&R magazine

At Apex, we believe that restorers deserve open access to any information that improves our industry.

This means ChatGPP, is and always will remain a completely free resource no matter what.