Hacking Xactanalysis

In this video, we break down the release of the Xactanalysis API and show restoration companies working on TPA's exactly how they can use it to be more profitable.

Hacking Xactanalysis

Restoration contractors handle complex jobs, from fixing fire-damaged properties to cleaning up after floods. Managing these tasks efficiently is crucial for success. XactAnalysis SP provides a suite of tools tailored to streamline these operations, offering robust solutions for every step of the process. Here's how restoration contractors can harness the power of XactAnalysis SP to boost their business.

Efficient Assignment Management

XactAnalysis SP allows you to manage assignments with ease. The tool centralizes your job data, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. You can map out assignments, track progress, and ensure that all team members are on the same page. The Assignment Workflow Overview helps you understand each stage, from assignment receipt to completion.

Customizable Notifications

Stay informed without constant monitoring. With Notification Rules, set personalized alerts for specific types of assignments or events. For instance, you can receive instant notifications for high-priority tasks. Custom notifications can also differentiate between fire and water damage jobs, directing them to specialized team members.

Action Items for Better Task Management

Organize tasks with Action Items. Schedule deadlines, assign specific team members, and track progress seamlessly. Customized action items ensure that no task falls through the cracks, helping you manage projects with precision.

Real-time Performance Monitoring

Use Management Reports and Activity Reports to gain real-time insights into your operations. These reports help you monitor response times, job durations, and other critical metrics. Industry Trend Reports keep you updated on material and labor costs, ensuring your estimates are current and competitive.

Staff Management

With the User Administration feature, adding and managing team members is straightforward. You can set roles, update permissions, and ensure that everyone has the access they need to perform their duties efficiently.

Improved Collaboration

Collaboration with third parties is often necessary for accurate claim estimations. XactAnalysis SP simplifies this process, integrating with other systems to streamline data sharing and communication.

Mobile Access

Handle your business on the go with the XactAnalysis SP mobile site. Manage claims, update assignments, and access job details from your mobile device. This flexibility ensures that you are always connected to your projects, no matter where you are.

Comprehensive Help and Support

XactAnalysis SP offers extensive support resources:

  • Interactive User's Guide: Access detailed guides and FAQs directly within the platform.
  • Xactware eService Center: Watch instructional videos and tips, or use live chat support.
  • Technical Support: Get phone support from Xactware representatives for a minimal fee.

Streamlined Feedback Mechanism

Your feedback is crucial for continuous improvement. Use the We're Listening page or contact your account representative to share your suggestions or concerns.


For restoration contractors, XactAnalysis SP is a game-changer. It offers tools to manage assignments, streamline communication, and track performance efficiently. Embrace these features to enhance your operations, delivering top-notch service to your clients while growing your business.

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